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  • Lotus Littles Childcare
    happens when we are happy and healthy.
  • Lotus Littles Childcare
    happens when we are happy and healthy.
  • Lotus Littles Childcare
    happens when we are happy and healthy.


Lotus Littles’ Childcare is your extended family for influencing your Little’s emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual needs utilizing yogic play, early childhood education’s best practices, and positive reinforcement.

Our mission is to Make Littles Happy and our goal is to teach the tools of happiness to build a foundation for attaining their fullest potential of Life!

We provide programs for children ages 6 weeks – 5 years

Our philosophy

What makes Our Center different is how we measure success. We believe in three things:

  1. HAPPINESS is success
  2. We respect the gift of life with good HEALTH habits
  3. Our purpose is to serve OTHERS

Happiness is success and only when Littles are happy, is when they can be good to themselves and to others. We teach the tools of happiness of Self-Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Channeling Energy, Health, Play, Freedom, Respect, Self-discovery, Gratitude, Kindness, Confidence, and Fun to influence emotional, social, and intellectual development. Happiness empowers Littles to achieve their fullest potential!

When children are happy, they thrive beyond what we expect. Energy is contagious and we excel in maintaining good vibes for Our Littles to soar and feel a sense of belonging.


We facilitate our philosophy and core values to instill independence, cooperation, respect and an overall healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. Our goal is to teach Life tools for our Littles to be happy. We use positive guidance and always provide a nurturing, safe, and peaceful environment. We encourage and cultivate positive child, staff, and family relationships. We ensure that we create and uphold a socially and emotionally respectful early learning and care environment. We achieve this by listening, showing respect, and create classrooms that promote independence and engagement.

Positive Guidance

We train our teachers and staff to give children respect, set realistic expectations, observe children to understand behavioral changes, and model positive communication and social interactions. Our staff will always use positive reinforcement. If there is need for more support regarding social and emotional intervention, then staff will ensure to observe child to gain knowledge of their individual needs, and then work with management and family to ensure an appropriate support plan is made. We will all partner together to reduce challenging behaviors to prevent suspensions or disenrollment. Communication and partnerships is important during this progression. If outside resources such as an early childhood mental health consultant or other specialist is needed, parents will be the first to make a decision and we will partner in any way we can to support this.

Parent and Staff Conferences

We will provide continues exchanges daily on your child’s behavior, progress, and social and physical needs via a daily report using Tadpole (an app we will provide details for use). In addition, we require a monthly in-person meeting to report and discuss your child’s needs. At any time, you can set up a meeting with the staff at your request through management.

Daily Activities

Daily Activity Details Benefits
Gratefulness Sun salutation giving thanks to The Sun and for a new day! Reinforces respect, responsibility, and generosity.
Breathing Variety of exercises geared toward breathing techniques. Exercises the diaphragm, intercostal muscles, and can positively affect lung capacity and velocity while increasing blood and oxygen flow to the brain and body that has a significant physical impact on wellbeing and health. Nutrition Each day, children will participate in making their own fruit and vegetable smoothie. Nutritional education is key in maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle.
Yoga & Yogic playMindful and joyful movements connecting Body, Mind & Spirit utilizing:

 • Posing
 • Creative & organic movements
 • Music
 • Games
 • Arts & Crafts
 • Boosts self-confidence
 • Encourages a lifetime of well-being
 • Strengthens immunity
 • Promotes thinking & memory
 • Supports individuality, creativity and self-expression
 • Balances energy
 • Encourages motor development & coordination
 • Fosters creativity
 • Overall social, emotional, and intellectual development
 • Encourages relationships & team work
Meditation/Rest Stress-relieving practices meant to calm the mind and release physical tension. Improves self-control, focus, relieves stress and balances energy.
Outdoor play Independent outdoor play utilizing playground equipment as well as group activities and games. Children who spend more time outside tend to be more physically active and less likely to be overweight. Also boosts immunity and imagination.
Singing Variety of songs and impromptu singing activities. Community bonding, improves mental alertness, and is FUN.
Reading Group reading from books at the Lotus Littles’ Library and children may bring a book from home. Academic excellence for language, speech, and listening.
Freedom Children are given choices on how to spend their time. Promotes independence and self-discovery.
Dance Song of the day to promote creative movement and release negative energy. Encourages self-discovery and a lot of fun.
Music Variety of background music will be played throughout the day. Music ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness: intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together. Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words.
Celebrations Kindness, Birthdays, Positive Behavior, New Seasons, Holidays, Milestones, Achievements, and anything that just feels right. The more we celebrate our lives, the more there is in our lives to celebrate!


Our bodies enable us the gift to experience the world and we strive to minimize illness and negative energy with the following policies:


Shoes are contaminated from many diverse sources and not only contain bacteria but they also contain germs, chemicals and oil or petroleum by-products. We do not want to spread this where Our Littles play so that illness is minimized. In classrooms, staff may use booties or slip on shoes to be in compliance with emergency procedures set by The Division of Early Care and Learning. In addition, toddlers will be required to have separate shoes for indoor use only to remain compliant and will be barefoot for Yogic Play activities.


Fruit is Nature’s Candy and good for our bodies. Our Littles will not partake in candy under our care. We seek alternative and healthy ways to treat them. However, we do believe in pure chocolate!

Core values

Every day is a gift

Take care of your body

Always be kind

Trust yourself

Be grateful

Stay present

Help others

Happiness is a choice

Have fun!

Programs and fees

Our programs are devised to teach Littles how to LIVE and how to be a Good Human while influencing their emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual needs. We ensure that Littles are grouped with peers that will best suit their development and energy levels.

Program Age Description Fee
Infant 6 weeks – 18 months On-demand care with constant cuddles, tummy time, outdoor play, diaper changing, feedings, Yogic Play, story-telling, and sensory stimulation activities for the brain’s development. $325 per week
Toddlers 1 year – 2 years Littles adhere to schedules for the first time with meals and meditative naps. Potty-training, Yogic Play, art, outdoor play, make-believe, and discovery stimulation activities for building confidence and bravery! $290 per week
Twos2 years – 3 years Yogic Play and posing, outdoor play, make-believe, construction play, meditative naps, interactive meals, art, story-telling, team-building and recognition stimulation for teaching kindness and respect! $280 per week
Multi-Age 2 ½ years – 5 years Mature Yogic Play and posing, outdoor play, make-believe, construction play, meditative naps, interactive meals, art, story-telling, team building and repetitive stimulation for preparing Littles for the real world! $265 per week
Part-time Based on availability $85 per day

Meet Our Staff

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10304 W Belleview Ave., Littleton, CO 80127